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Aussie Bridal brings you Wedding Gown Preservation - Traditional.
Prepaid bridal gown cleaning and preservation.
Redesigned (NEW) deluxe shipping container.
$400 Declared Value.
Anti-Sugar treatment.
Gown will be steam pressed.
Prepaid shipping both ways.

How to do it:

  1. Order your gown preservation kit from See the buying tab at the bottom of this page.
  2. Your gown preservation kit includes: cleaning order/instruction form, stickers to mark stains, plastic bag to wrap your gown, twist tie to close plastic bag, box or bag to ship your gown to Wedding Gown Preservation Company, pre-paid TNT shipping labels to Wedding Gown Preservation Company.
  3. Look beautiful wearing your wedding gown on your wedding day!
  4. After your wedding or when you return from your honeymoon, carefully look over your wedding gown. Use the stain stickers to mark any spots, dirt or stains you see. You don't have to mark the hem as dirty - everyone's hem gets dirty and the folks at Wedding Gown Preservation Company know to always pay special attention to the hem.
  5. Fill out the Wedding Gown Preservation Company's order/instruction form and the return shipping label.
  6. Place your gown into the plastic bag.
  7. Place plastic bag into box. Seal box with tape provided or use your own tape.
  8. Call TNT Express 13 15 00 to organize a time to collect your gown.
  9. You're Done!

Wedding Gown Preservation - Traditional


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